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In this video we take a look at a new feature of the HCI Platform that our team of developers, researchers, epidemiologists, and public health experts have just rolled out: The HCI CHNA Guide.


Understanding and analyzing the health of a community can be a challenging and difficult process. The HCI CHNA Guide brings together resources needed to complete the process in an easy to use step-by-step format. By leveraging the data and resources on the HCI Platform with tips and guidance from public health experts, the CHNA Guide becomes an essential tool for creating a meaningful CHNA report.

The Guide is an interactive online tool that helps health planners—in hospitals, health departments and community collaboratives—to identify and assess the at-risk populations they serve.  By simplifying the complex steps of conducting a needs assessment into an easy-to-use interactive tool, the CHNA Guide is helpful for any stage of the process. It also supports a key element of  Community and State Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs and SHIPs).

Especially Helpful for Non-Profit Hospitals

Beginning in 2012, all non-profit hospitals had to complete a community health needs assessment (CHNA), along with an associated Implementation Strategy detailing how they intend to act upon the identified needs they discovered, then file it all with the IRS as part of substantiating their non-profit status.  This new initiative, part of the Affordable Care Act, gives hospitals an opportunity to examine the biggest health challenges in their service areas and to create plans to improve the health and vitality of their community.  The CHNA Guide systematizes each step in the process and provides IRS-related tips and information along the way.


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