The Healthy Communities Network (HCN) is a customizeable web-based information system designed to provide access to high-quality data and decision support. The HCN provides health indicator tracking, best practice sharing and community development in order to help improve the health and environmental sustainability of communities around the world.

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The HCN tracks 75-200+ health and quality of life indicators, offers guidance on over 1,800 community-level interventions, and includes features that help community members work with any stakeholders – such as government and non-government groups – to effect change. The system also collects the locally unique knowledge of a region, blending it into the system to provide a common, understandable and constantly updated view for all stakeholders

The HCN helps to measurably improve quality of life for people in communities by becoming a catalyst for enduring change. Improving the transparency and accountability of activities enhances community benefit planning and local demand for access to – and understanding of – best and promising practices is met.

System Benefits Include:
  • Assess health of community; Identify disparities
  • Makes community-level health and environmental data widely available
  • Moves information from static reports to dynamic displays, constantly updated and interactive
  • Helps local stakeholders perform strategic planning
  • Helps meet various regulatory requirements at the county, state, and federal levels
  • Supports and promotes MAPP (systems approach, community partnerships, data requirements, etc.)
  • Brings stakeholders together
  • Promotes community health and community development
  • Facilitates communication and drives community engagement
System Features Include:
  • A fully configured and hosted website tailored to any sized region or community
  • Dashboard of 75-200+ Health and Quality of Life Indicators
  • Promising Practices (1,800+) database of proven programs
  • Local Resources
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration features: Event Calendar, News, Polls, etc.
  • Literature and Education Materials

The core set of content is readily extensible by local communities.