Gain Insight and Improve Collaboration with Better Access to Key Data

Health departments strive to protect and promote the health of the communities they serve, yet often lack a centralized, public platform to share the very data they seek to improve. Additionally, public health data can be very complex and difficult for community stakeholders to understand. In addition to satisfying criteria of  Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), health departments have an increasing number of objectives to meet state and community health improvement processes and need a streamlined way to show they are assessing and addressing the health needs of the community.

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A Proven Formula

The HCI Platform is web-based, highly efficient, and very affordable. It’s used throughout the country, now in 35 states and  covering over 100 million lives. County and State Public Health departments are using the HCI Platform to support PHAB  accreditation, make meaningful change, and tell the story of health improvement efforts.

From assessment, to evidence-based program implementation, to evaluation and tracking program success, the HCI platform is a one-stop solution for public health improvement.

As Unique as Your Community

The HCI Platform has community tracking and collaborative-building features built in to promote transparency, best practice sharing, and civic engagement. A local Health Director described this system as “providing a face to public health data and issues.”

The platform serves as a central repository to integrate all data and activities related to Community Health Assessments (CHA), Community Health  Improvement Plans (CHIP), Strategic Planning, and to help meet Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) assessments and state requirements.

You’ll be interested in the HCI Platform if you are:

  • Health planner/officer
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health communications manager
  • Health planning and policy manager
  • Executive director
  • Grant manager
  • Public information officer

HCI Platform Benefits for Public Health Agencies:

Collect and organize data in one central system
Provide accessible -- and understandable -- data for your community
Meet the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) requirements
Identify high-risk zip codes with our exclusive SocioNeeds Index
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