The Precise Guidance and Support to Strategically Focus Your Community Health Improvement Initiatives

Our Consulting Services are a key piece of the comprehensive offerings we’ve put in place to support your success. You’ll benefit from expertise, insight, and guidance that is deeply rooted in epidemiology, health informatics, public health administration, and community benefit programs. Our team works with you to drive improved community health outcomes by assessing needs, developing focused strategies, identifying appropriate intervention programs, establishing progress monitoring systems, and implementing performance evaluation processes.

Supporting you in a wide range of community health improvement efforts, including:

  • Meeting IRS requirements for Community Health Needs Assessment and Implementation Strategy at any point over the 3-year cycle
  • Developing and executing plans for Public Health Accreditation Board process
  • Building community-based collaboratives to effectively pool resources for addressing local health issues and Collective Impact initiatives
  • Evaluating funding strategies and capitalizing on grant opportunities to address the needs of at-risk populations
  • Communicating your success to key stakeholders and community


Goal: Improved Community Health Outcomes

  • Better community health metrics
  • Positive program/intervention metrics
  • Increased stakeholder engagement and collaboration
  • Consensus around shared priorities

Achieve Measurable Results

Our phased approach lets you select what, when, and how much assistance will help towards your success.

1. Assess Needs2. Plan3. Implement Strategy4. Monitor & Evaluate
Before establishing where you want to go and how you want to get there, it is important to gain an understanding of your current location and any obstacles that may be standing in your way. We provide needs assessment services to systematically identify gaps that must be filled for our clients to meet their goals. Whether you’re seeking to identify needs internal to your organization, or externally in your community, we provide the data collection and assessment skills necessary to successfully identify and overcome roadblocks and challenges.
We work with you to design a strategy to accomplish your goals by establishing criteria to set priorities, and identifying root causes to target your interventions where they will have the most impact. Our hands on approach involves transparent and clear communication through planning calls, webinars and workshops, facilitating the utilization of helpful planning tools like logic models, and leveraging evidence-based practices to strengthen your team’s capacity to build and execute your strategic plan, and achieve your population health goals.
Improving community health requires partnerships across organizations and even sectors. To help you collaborate effectively, we offer assistance in working group facilitation, consensus building, and stakeholder engagement. In addition, we leverage our knowledge of community-based interventions to assist you in finding and adapting evidence-based programs for local residents, local partners, and the local context.
We recognize that monitoring and evaluation is an ongoing process that cuts across the development, planning and implementation phases of a program’s lifecycle. We offer individualized guidance to support your team in designing a solid framework for monitoring and evaluating your community health improvement efforts, including process and outcome evaluation questions, indicators and data sources. We provide technical assistance to review your community health improvement strategy and identify relevant indicators to track your progress in achieving your objectives and working towards your goal.

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