The HCI Platform Embedded Option  is a customizable web-based information system that provides the data, tools and best practices to help hospitals meet the Affordable Care Act and IRS 990 requirements for conducting Community Health Needs Assessments and related Implementation Strategies for addressing identified needs.

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Created by the Healthy Communities Institute, the HCI Platform is designed to give stakeholders in a community access to high-quality community health assessment data, improved health indicator tracking, best practice sharing and community development tools that function together to help improve the health and environmental sustainability of the community.

The HCI Platform Embedded Solution works within a hospital or health system’s existing website. It provides a dashboard of indicators that drive community health needs assessments and contains a database of thousands of  evidence-based promising practices for modeling community benefit and population health programs.

HCI Platform Embedded Option Features:

  • Integrates directly within your existing website and branding
  • Dashboard of over 100 Health and Quality of Life Indicators for any community or county
  • Promising Practices (2,000+) database of evidence-based programs
  • Evaluation and Tracking: Healthy People 2020 Tracker, customized Local Tracker
  • Supplemental data options available

See how hospitals specifically benefit from the HCI Platform.

Video Overview of the HCI Platform Embedded Option:



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