Supporting Partnerships to Drive Community Improvement

Community coalitions are often tasked with bringing together local stakeholders with diverse perspectives and interests to improve the health and wellness of the community.  One of the biggest challenges they face is coming to consensus around which issues are of highest importance and deserve funding and attention most. With so many interests represented, looking at health data alone is often not adequate. Even upon identification of priorities and development of strategic plans, coalitions must then determine how to promote the positive work to ensure full community engagement, as well as track progress on key initiatives to monitor effectiveness of programs and ensure sustainability.

Now, these coalitions can have a web-based platform that contains key health and quality of life data that is continuously updated, and helps to prioritize opportunities and track progress against national and locally identified targets. HCI offers a platform for community partners to highlight their good work, collaborate more efficiently, and provide a way to easily keep the community informed and involved in key local public health initiatives.

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Of interest to:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Hospitals and hospital associations
  • Academic institutions and educators
  • Financial institutions
  • Public health departments
  • Environmental groups
  • Transportation and law enforcement agencies
  • Grant managers
  • Health insurers
  • Non-profit agencies
Collect and organize data in one central system
Provide accessible -- and understandable -- data for your community
Track local progress against national indicators