Supporting Partnerships to Drive Community Improvement

The HCI Platform empowers community collaboratives and non-profits with access to key health, economic, and quality of life data that is continuously updated.  Your stakeholders gain access to analytic tools that prioritize needs and track initiative progress against national and locally defined targets. Additionally, the platform enables them and local partners to create a compelling “live story” that highlights the community need, the intervention, and the accomplishments.

Of course, sustaining a collaborative effort requires more than a group of well intentioned partners. The dynamic HCI Platform enables unified focus as a foundation for shared measurement, sustained collaboration, and sharing “live stories” on key initiatives.

Plus, our team of professional consultants can help your collaborative succeed at any stage – from facilitating alignment of objectives to creating an impact evaluation plan.  Let us help you tell your “live story” on the web.

The HCI Platform is web-based, highly efficient, and very affordable. It’s used throughout the country, now in more than 35 states and covering over 100 million lives.

Video: How did over 80 organizations come together to be awarded a $1.3M CDC grant?


These are among the organizations who will benefit from the HCI Platform:

  • United Way and other non-profit agencies
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Hospitals and hospital associations
  • Academic institutions and educators
  • Financial institutions
  • Public health departments
  • Environmental groups
  • Transportation and law enforcement agencies
  • Grant managers
  • Health insurers

 The HCI Platform enables improvement initiatives to:

Collect and organize data in one central system
Provide accessible -- and understandable -- local data
Track local progress against your Initiative's Goals
Identify high-risk zip codes with our exclusive SocioNeeds Index
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