Move the Needle with Your Community and
Population Health Initiatives

From insight to action.  Success in today’s environment of results-based accountability requires an integrated approach for pinpointing at-risk populations and areas of need, implementing programs proven to effect change, creating efficiencies by partnering with internal and external groups, then tracking and reporting your results in a transparent way to all your stakeholders. Healthy Communities Institute® empowers you to do all this, and more.


Our flagship solution is the country’s leading community and population health improvement platform.  We enable local public health departmentshospitals and community coalitions to measure community health, share best practices, identify new funding sources and drive community health improvement. 

  • Mapping and data visualization tools identify intervention opportunities
  • A database of thousands of evidence-based programs lets you filter to find the most appropriate for your strategies
  • Collaboration centers align objectives and orchestrate core capabilities within community partnerships
  • Customizable trackers and indicators provide a “single source of truth” for measuring success

The platform’s award-winning, web-based technology is highly efficient, affordable and used across the United States covering more than 100 million lives.

New Features on the HCI Platform:

SocioNeeds_Index_(r)_61px tall
The SocioNeeds Index ® provides a beautifully simple way to identify those living in the highest risk zip codes that can benefit most from supportive health and social programs.

The CHNA Guide is an interactive online tool that helps health planners—in hospitals, health departments and community collaboratives—to identify and assess the at-risk populations they serve.  By simplifying the complex steps of conducting a needs assessment into an easy-to-use interactive tool, the CHNA Guide is helpful for any stage of the process.